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Our well-trained staff is providing quality education with a modern curriculum and interactive techniques.

Empowering Women, Enhancing Communities

Women Vocational Centre by Sunbeams School System (SMC-Pvt.) Ltd

Registered with the SECP since 2019, the Women Vocational Centre (WVC) is one of the significant models by Sunbeams School System. This project offers basic and advanced sewing courses to women, fostering skills that lead to economic empowerment.

The very first Women’s Vocational Centre was established in October 2019 at Government Girls High School, Dhreak Mohri, Islamabad. It enrolled 28 female students initially and offered a six-month diploma course.

Building on this success, four more centers followed:

  1. Golra 1
  2. Pindorian
  3. Hanjarwal (Lahore)
  4. 3/SP (Okara)

New locations for WVC setup in the coming year (2022-2023) include:

  • Dhoke Abbasi
  • Phulgran

Sunbeams Women Vocational Centre has gained official recognition at the state level, unleashing skills and crafting futures with NAVTTC sponsorship. The Sunbeams School System is a valuable asset, providing the platform and support necessary for the establishment and growth of the WVC.

Our vision is to raise standards and develop a product line and supply chain with an established client base because we believe in promoting trade, not aid.



Empowering Women, Enhancing Communities

  • Women vocational Centre, one of the Models by Sunbeams School System (SMC-Pvt.) Ltd. is registered with SECP since 2019.

    Women Vocational Centre is a project by Sunbeams School System in which we offer basic and advance sewing courses. The very first Women’s Vocational Centre was established in October 2019, in Government Girls High School, Dhreak Mohri, Islamabad. It enrolled 28 female students initially, and offered a six-month gdiploma course. 

  • 4 more centres followed, in Golra 1, Pindorian, Hanjarwal (Lahore) and 3/SP (Okara).
  • New locations for new WEC setup are Dhoke Abbasi and Phulgran in coming year 22-23
    • Sunbeams Women Vocational Centre is now officially recognized on the state level-unleashing Skills, Crafting futures with NAVTTC Sponsorship.
    • Sunbeams school system is an asset because it is the platform that is supporting our WVC, helps us establishing our setup.
    • Our vision is to raise standards and develop a product line and supply chain with an establish client base because we want trade, not aid.

Our Mission

To provide vocational training and entrepreneurship development opportunities to women from underserved communities, enabling them to gain economic independence, confidence, and social recognition.

  • Sunbeams Women’s Vocational Centres are based on a low-cost model using innovative methods.
  • We collect donations to cover the set up cost of the centres.
  • We facilitate the ladies of our WVC by giving them orders with fare wages.
  • We provide easy sewing machines on easy instalments.
  • Our team does a community survey of the targeted area in order to identify the deserving families.
  • Although they face lots of challenges while convincing the families as most of them do not allow their girls to seek education. However we are successful in motivating them by ensuring the female oriented environment at our centers.
  • During their diplomas, we also encourage the girls to complete their formal education by offering them tuitions during their course hours to transform their lives.
  • We run exciting campaigns on our dedicated social media platforms to attract the customers who are interesting in online shopping.

    Instagram is the main platform to receive orders from our reliable customers.


  • Sunbeams Women Vocational Center is now officially recognized on the state level-unleashing Skills, Crafting futures with NAVTTC Sponsorship.
  • Income generate by order and students earned Rs 49 200 for 100 Suits
  • Stitched 80 Uniform and earned Rs 38,000

Our Rate List



Price (Rs)


Ladies suit stitching



Children’s suit stitching



Men’s suit stitching






Night suit (lawn)



Track suit (lawn)



Herbal deodorant


  • Our prices are reasonable, and 90% of profits go to women artisans

Products & Services

  • High-quality, low-cost stitching and tailoring
  • Summer/winter clothes alteration
  • Light and breezy nightwear and sportswear
  • Recycling/up-cycling shoes bags & accessories
  • Home-grown produce and sun-dried fruits/vegs
  • Handmade herbal beauty products, artisanal soaps and deodorant
  • Great appetite in the market for such products & services
  • Many more innovative and creative ideas

As of Sept 2021 TO MAY 2024




Dhreak Mohri


















Future Plans

  • Working to diversify its courses:  candle-making, crafts, cooking, beautician and so on.
  • Providing alteration services: pre-loved dresses and bags. 
  • Promoting low-cost methods: sharing of resources with the school. 
  • Expansion of program: 100 centers.
  • To make our WVCs a Social Enterprise with tremendous potential for growth upscale.
  • To be in line with Government Policy to promote skilled work force.

Growth Strategy

  • Existing sales of Rs 0.3 million, through 10 local & international (bulk) orders.
  • We are hoping to grow the market over 3 years, through smart advertising.



Futuristic Approach


´We want to promote our business through innovative approach by using digital channels. As we believe that e-commerce will pave the way towards the significant growth of our venture.

´If we get the SC grant, we will get proper trainings which will help us to manage the back end services of our venture by strengthening our team.

´Through this grant, we will set up an e-commerce business and will computerize all the invoices. E-commerce business will help us to manage all the data digitally as well as it will also help us to streamline the orders and performance of the centres.

Through this grant we will be able to train our team for their capacity building.

Our Programs​

Tailoring and Fashion Design

Learn the art of tailoring, pattern making, and fashion design to create your own clothing line or work in the fashion industry.

  • Alteration and Repair Services: Provide alteration and repair services for clothing items, such as hemming, resizing, patching, and fixing zippers, to extend the lifespan of garments and meet customer needs.
  • Embroidery and Embellishment: Specialize in embroidery work, appliqué, beadwork, and other embellishments to add decorative elements to clothing, accessories, home decor items, and gifts.
Organic Farming Training

Through theoretical lessons and practical demonstrations, students are educated on organic farming principles, sustainable agricultural practices, soil health management, crop cultivation, pest control, and harvesting methods.

Culinary Arts

Master the art of cooking and baking, and learn how to start your own catering business or work in a restaurant.

Beauty and Wellness

Develop skills in beauty therapy, makeup artistry, and wellness techniques to start your own beauty business or work in a spa.

Entrepreneurship Development

Learn how to start and grow your own business, including business planning, marketing, and financial management.

Success Stories

  • Women who have been graduated from our centres are now utilizing their skills and earning well by receiving small orders from their local community.
  • We are also providing the centers with bulk orders.

´ Ms. Samina Bibi, a graduate from our center, is the first woman to establish her own sewing center in Muzaffarabad, Kashmir. Through her efforts, she is now empowering other women in her community, furthering our mission of creating a network where women empower other women.


  • These success stories from Sunbeams Women Vocational Centre showcase significant achievements and impacts:

    1. State-level Recognition: Sunbeams Women Vocational Centre’s official recognition on the state level with NAVTTC sponsorship signifies a milestone in supporting and empowering women through vocational training.
    2. Economic Empowerment: Graduates utilizing their skills to earn well through local orders demonstrates the practical application and economic impact of the training provided by the centers.
    3. Community Support: Providing bulk orders to the centers not only support their sustainability but also expand the outreach and impact of the vocational training beyond individual graduates.
    4. Disaster Relief Efforts: The preparation of 100 suits for flood-affected areas highlights the versatility and community responsiveness of the centers in times of crisis.
    5. Partnership Contributions: The production of 80 uniforms for Akho organization by two specific centers underscores their capacity to contribute to larger community initiatives and partnerships.
    6. Individual Success Story: Samina Bibi’s achievement as the first woman to establish her own sewing center in Muzaffarabad, Kashmir, and her subsequent empowerment of other women exemplifies the transformative effect of the vocational training program in creating a network of empowered women entrepreneurs.

    These success stories collectively illustrate Sunbeams Women Vocational Centre’s commitment to skills development, economic empowerment, community support, disaster relief, and the creation of sustainable networks of empowered women. Each achievement not only highlights individual success but also contributes to the broader social and economic fabric of the communities served.

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