Sunbeams adopted Government Schools

Reforming Government schools into model schools of high-quality education.

Government School Reform

Sunbeams have partnered with the federal and provincial governments to improve educational standards through our highly successful government school adoption program. To date, we have uplifted and transformed 9 government schools located in Gojra, Toba Tek Singh and Shah Allah Ditta, Islamabad.

All over Pakistan, millions of children are studying in government schools where education is free but conditions are extremely poor. A lack of infrastructure, shortage of trained teachers, weak monitoring systems and a poor emphasis on student academics and grooming means that learning levels are shockingly low. Sunbeams implement its holistic School Improvement Program to address all these shortcomings.

School Reform Model


Transform a government school as per a private high-standard school; with all modern facilities.

Present a model

Present a model that the Government can replicate.

Transform education policy

We believe in change in the entire education policy through advocacy – to bring actionable change in the education system and fulfill the motto “education for all”.

We also provided missing facilities such as toilets, drinking water, furniture, and computers. With a financial investment of Rs. 10 million, the program outcomes were very encouraging directly benefiting 2500 children and indirectly 12500 individuals (teachers and families of those students). All schools achieved 1-Star School Certification, as verified by independent evaluation teams!

ways you
can help

  • Donate to educate

    Support our cause with your donations and zakat. Help us spread the light of learning to many more children in Pakistan!

  • Volunteer your time and efforts

    You can support Sunbeams schools by voluntarily educating our young children, becoming a part of our medical camps, and awareness campaigns.

  • Become a Fundraiser

    Be a part of our fundraising campaigns and help Sunbeams schools grow.

  • Donate in Kind

    Gift school items, your services, time, and expertise for the welfare of our brilliant students.

Impact and Beneficiaries

The impact of these transformations is very satisfying, comforting, and long-lasting.

  • 1789 direct beneficiaries are the students who are now getting high-quality education and advanced co-curricular activities.
  • 9000 indirect beneficiaries are the teachers and parents of the students.
  • Pakistan 100 for 100 targets completed as there are no students out of the school in this respective Union Council.
  • All 7 schools have achieved one-star school certification; in Sunbeams 3 stage certification program.

The Way Forward

This is just the start. We are looking forward to taking this project to the marginal areas of Pakistan with the help of the Government. For this, we need the constant support of our generous donors, volunteers, supporters, and the Government. Let’s spread the light of education – together.