Student Teacher Interns Project

Empowering future educators to inspire young minds

Sunbeams won a competitive contract to provide 129 highly qualified teachers in Government schools located in remote rural areas of Islamabad. The MOU was signed on 24th December, 2021. Qualification criteria for STIs was 16 years of education in English, Mathematics, Science or Computers (equivalent to a 4-year Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree).

 The selected candidates had their orientation on 31st December 2021. Then they had a 2-week training program with professional trainers who chiseled and sharpened their educational skills and equipped them with the tools needed to handle any foreseeable or unforeseeable situation.

The STIs joined the schools in January 2022. In just a few short months, they have proved to be extremely capable, and have breathed new life and vigour into these campuses. They covered the syllabus, while focusing on activity-based learning to enhance student interest and involvement in their studies. Government Head Teachers are all praise for the efforts of these STIs!

Student results have improved dramatically, as a result of this project (please see chart, attached). Before this, rural schools suffered due to lack of qualified teachers and empty classrooms. After the resounding success of Sunbeams’ intervention, Government has now extended this project into the next year as well.

We at Sunbeams have realized that all it takes to revitalize these campuses is one good teacher. We have since started the One Good Teacher project, which aims to provide qualified teachers and train and monitor them, so as to raise the standard of education in thousands of government / private schools located in remote rural areas of our country. Support education to build a stronger Pakistan!


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