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About Sunbeams

Sunbeams is an exciting new model of quality education for all.

A staggering 22.8 million children in Pakistan can’t afford to go to school. That is why Sunbeams is committed to giving the right of education to every child in our country. Sunbeams establishes schools for underprivileged children throughout Pakistan. We are focused on providing quality education at a low cost to students from rural and peri-urban areas.

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In May 2014, a group of educationists joined hands to transform the education system of Pakistan, aiming to make quality education accessible to every child in the country. The first flagship school opened its doors on 14 August 2014, in Hunjerwal Village on the outskirts of Lahore. It was a runaway success! (Masha Allah) More and more branches were subsequently opened in different locations, with the support of our generous donors.

Sunbeams has made it possible to educate students from varying financial backgrounds under one roof —  thus enhancing educational equality and working towards a uniform education system. We feel we are changing the face of education in Pakistan!

Join hands with us for an enlightened Pakistan

Let’s provide more schools in villages, so that these children can grow up to become the enlightened future generation of Pakistan.


Community Development Program

Sunbeams schools provide us a window to the rural community of Pakistan. We conduct community welfare programs and host events to be a helpful and active part of that community. This helps Sunbeams to establish goodwill for our schools as well. Our community outreach programs include education and health awareness campaigns, enrollment drives, free medical camps, clean-up operations, plantation drives, technical and vocational training, and micro-credit schemes to help disadvantaged people make a decent living. 

Pakistan 100 for 100

The Pakistan 100 for 100 Program is a campaign to achieve 100% literacy in Pakistan by the time the country turns 100 years old. For this, we need the active support and collaboration of our donors and partners. Let’s make sure we reach 100% literacy by 2047!

News and Stories

Agreement with FDE

Sunbeams signed an agreement with FDE on 1st April 2019, for adoption of 7 government schools located in Shah Allah Ditta, Islamabad. Sunbeams will bring about necessary improvements to uplift the standard of education in the adopted schools.

Agreement with Servis

Sunbeams signed an agreement with Service Foundation on 1st August 2019, for providing school management services and improving the quality of education in the Servis school located in Chak Saikham, Sheikhupura.

IFWA Supports Sunbeams

Islamabad Foreign Women’s Association has donated proceedings from the IFWA Charity Bazaar 2020 to support the education of children studying in Sunbeams schools in Islamabad. IFWA also supported us in providing food rations to affected families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Green Cycling Rally

Sunbeams interns organized a Green Cycling Rally on 24th October 2020, to raise awareness about the environment. 200 people attended the event. Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on Climate Change, Malik Amin Aslam, appreciated the efforts of the students.

Green Walk

Sunbeams organized a Green Walk in Shah Allah Ditta, Islamabad on 27th March 2021. 100 people turned out to participate in the cleanup operation, plant trees and help spread awareness about climate change!

Agreement with NEF

Sunbeams signed an agreement with National Education Foundation on 5th April 2021, to set up 3 new ALP Centres in Islamabad Capital Territory. The schools will offer an accelerated learning program for out-of-school children.