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SUNBEAMS is implementing the Pakistan 100 for 100 program, for 100% literacy in selected Union Councils of Lahore, Islamabad, Khushab, Okara, Toba Tek Singh, Chiniot, Rawalpindi, Sheikhupura. Full-time/ part-time opportunities available in the areas of Academics, School/Project Management, Training, HR, Admin, Accounts, IT, Marketing, Community Outreach, TVET. Please see below for available vacancies.

Available Vacancies

Educate and inspire children with us, promoting a love for learning and holistic development.

Manage human resources for Sunbeams, overseeing staff recruitment, development, and office administration to ensure a supportive work environment and efficient operations across our organization

Manage financial records and transactions for Sunbeam’s central office, ensuring accuracy and compliance with financial processes and regulations.

Develop and execute marketing strategies to promote Sunbeam’s services, reaching the desired audience and enhancing our brand presence in the market.

Lead community engagement efforts to connect Sunbeams with local stakeholders, build partnerships, and promote our mission within the community, fostering a positive impact on educational initiatives.

Take a leadership role in planning, executing, and overseeing programs and initiatives at Sunbeams, ensuring their success and alignment with our organizational goals.

Facilitate the recruitment, training, and management of volunteers and interns at Sunbeams, ensuring their valuable contributions to our educational initiatives.

Lead and oversee technical and vocational training programs tailored to empower women, providing them with valuable skills and opportunities for personal and professional growth within Sunbeams.

Lead the human resources functions at Sunbeams’ Head Office in F-6, Islamabad, managing recruitment, staff development, and fostering a supportive work environment to ensure the efficient operation of our organization in this location. 

Take charge of marketing strategies and fundraising initiatives at Sunbeams’ Head Office in F-6, Islamabad, building partnerships and securing resources to advance our mission and promote our services in this location.

Support the planning and execution of various programs and initiatives at Sunbeams’ Head Office in F-6, Islamabad, ensuring their alignment with our organizational goals and mission.

Lead our educational environment, overseeing the holistic development of children and managing school operations to create a thriving learning environment.

Handle office administrative tasks efficiently and support the smooth operations of our office.

Maintain and optimize the IT infrastructure for Sunbeam’s central office, ensuring seamless technology operations and support for the organization.

Lead fundraising efforts to secure resources and support for Sunbeams initiatives, fostering partnerships and financial sustainability to advance our mission.

Oversee academic programs and initiatives across multiple locations within Sunbeams, ensuring educational excellence and alignment with our mission and standards.

 Oversee and enhance the academic performance and development of students within a particular class or subject at Sunbeams, ensuring curriculum excellence and effective teaching strategies.

Manage fundraising campaigns and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, securing resources and partnerships to support Sunbeams’ mission and community impact.

Manage and coordinate technical and vocational training programs aimed at equipping men with valuable skills and opportunities for personal and professional development within Sunbeams.

Coordinate and oversee the establishment and management of Sunbeams’ international chapters in designated cities, ensuring alignment with the organization’s mission and standards. 

Develop and execute marketing and fundraising strategies for Sunbeams’ international chapters in specified cities, securing resources and promoting our mission on a global scale.

Available Locations

We are looking specifically for individuals who live in or near the following union councils/locations: