Sunbeams School System

Our well-trained staff is providing quality education with a modern curriculum and interactive techniques.


High-Standard Schools

Sunbeams School System is a chain of financially sustainable schools in villages, providing quality education to local children.

The curriculum is designed to be at par with private school standards in Pakistan. A high-standard academic curriculum makes our students knowledgeable, confident and ambitious. Due to the student-centered and friendly classroom environment, the students love to learn and explore!

Sustainable Education

Sunbeams School System offers a sliding fee structure, which varies according to a child’s ability to pay. Through this innovative mechanism, we are able to educate children from varying financial backgrounds under one roof.

Sunbeams raises funds as seed money for its schools only. Funds are used to set up the school and run it for the first 2-3 years, after which the school becomes financially sustainable. This is the best example of sadqa-e-jaariya!

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Interactive Academics

At Sunbeams, all subjects are introduced and reinforced through ICT so that our students can compete on all levels. Phonics, spoken skills, mental math, hands-on science, global knowledge and civic sense are the basic subjects taught at all levels.

Rich co-curricular activities

Our students get time for extra-curricular activities as well, to make them excel in every field. Sports, art, field trips, music and library makes Sunbeams schools a happy place for children.

Capacit-building for teachers

In our year-long teacher training program, teachers are guided and mentored through professional development workshops and lessons. They are trained to teach in an interactive and engaging way that instills knowledge in young minds.

Student Assessment Systems

Through a centralized assessment system, students are evaluated on a regular basis to keep track of their academic progress, results are analyzed and corrective actions are taken where necessary to ensure that each child learns.

Ways You
Can Help

Donate to educate

Support our cause with your donations and zakat. Help us spread the light of learning to many more children in Pakistan!

Volunteer your time and efforts

You can support Sunbeams schools by voluntarily educating our young children, or becoming a part of our medical camps and awareness campaigns.

Become a Fundraiser

Be a part of our fundraising campaigns and help Sunbeams schools grow.

Donate in Kind

Gift school items, your services, time and expertise for the welfare of our brilliant students.

Use of Innovative Technology

Sunbeams has pioneered many new ways to keep in touch with its schools, which are located in remote areas. We have harnessed the power of technology to overcome barriers of distance and scale!

  • Each school is provided with a computer and educational videos / resources to support the curriculum
  • A special mobile app has been developed, to take student and teacher attendance using a smartphone. Attendance is saved to a web-based database, and is available in real time!
  • A centralized school database is maintained, with up-to-date records on all the schools
  • A system of picture-based reporting is in place. School staff fill out forms by hand, take a picture and send it to the Head Office electronically. There, trained staff enter the data in the database.
  • Computerized systems for audit and inventory are in place. Each and every item and rupee provided in the schools is accounted for.
  • Teachers are trained using face-to-face, online and mobile-based training options!

Sunbeams has been recognized for its innovative use of technology to develop simple, low-cost, reality-based solutions for education. Sunbeams was invited to present its exciting and innovative methods at HumTech2016, an annual conference organized by five organizations including Harvard University. The event took place in Boston, USA, from June 7-9, 2016.