Non-Formal Education / Accelerated Learning Program

Offering special catch-up classes for overage out-of-school children.

Many out-of-school children are overage and have missed their chance at an education.

Sunbeams puts them through an accelerated program, where they cover the entire primary syllabus in 2-3 years. Children then sit for the Government Board exam at the end of Class 5, and are mainstreamed into formal school.

Sunbeams has partnered with various organizations, including Child Protection and Rehabilitation Trust (UK), Al-Khidmat Foundation, National Education Foundation, Japan International Corporation Agency and AKHO  to deliver these accelerated courses.

So many heartwrenching stories have come to light, of children who work during the day and attend accelerated classes in the afternoons … striving to change their destiny. We salute the courage, determination and dignity of these hardworking children!

We hope to set up many more ALP centres all over Pakistan, offering a fresh start at life to many more out-of-school children. Help us give back their lost childhoods!


A school in every village, and every child in school.
Help Sunbeams realize this goal.