Community Outreach

We strive to support the community, in all areas that we serve!

Helping the community in every way

Sunbeams schools provide us a window to the rural community of Pakistan. We conduct community welfare programs and host events to be a helpful and active part of that community. This helps Sunbeams to establish goodwill for our schools as well.

Awareness and Enrollment

Sunbeams conducts awareness campaigns as a part of our community program. We communicate with the local population to promote health and education in the area. School events are a great way to invite students and parents and convey positive messages. Our school staff actively participate in these awareness campaigns: they hang banners and posters in the neighborhood, and also go door-to-door to encourage parents to send their children to school. Our monthly Parent-Teacher Meetings are also a great way to educate and interact with parents.

Join hands with us for community betterment

Let’s build more Sunbeams schools, run effective awareness campaigns, and conduct medical camps to help the whole community.

Medical Camp

To help our community and promote health, we offer free medical camps each year. The schools are transformed into medical centers for a day where doctors from cities are invited to examine the patients and spread health awareness. Approximately 300 patients are treated in a single medical camp.

We are thankful to all the organizations that partner with us to deliver these medical camps which are truly a ‘gift to the community’.

Clean and Green Program

Pakistan needs a cleanup! We are happy to do our bit; firstly by educating our children not to litter and follow basic norms of cleanliness, hygiene and civic sense in the schools; and secondly, by encouraging children to take these values back to their homes and communities. We conduct annual events such as plantation drives, Plant-a-Seed activities, Green Cycling Rally and Green Walk. These activities have led to increased awareness and a visible change in the communities around our schools.

Technical and Vocational Training

Sunbeams offers special skills-based classes for unemployed youth (both men and women) living in the vicinity of our schools.

The skills-based courses are an excellent way for youth to learn marketable skills and start earning a respectable income. Topics offered are Stitching & Embroidery, Computers, Kitchen Gardening and Ecotourism( in future ).

We also connect skilled students with market opportunities, so as to facilitate them to find buyers for their products and services. We hope that we can empower individuals to change their lives for the better!

Social Internship Program

Sunbeams runs an exciting internship program where students from top schools, colleges and universities of Pakistan volunteer in Sunbeams schools. Interns conduct a range of activities such as fundraising, marketing, event management, school rehabilitation and décor, and teaching. The Sunbeams Social Internship Program runs year-round and 100 interns are engaged and inducted in each cohort. This is a wonderful way for these young people to give back to their community!

Micro-credit Schemes

In villages and rural areas, it is a common practice to offer loans with massive interest. This has shackled many communities in debt. To provide a solution, Sunbeams has successfully launched a micro-credit program in which deserving youth and women are empowered by providing loans with 0% interest.

The borrower repays the loan by giving an installment of 1000 rupees each month to Sunbeams from their earned profit, until the loan is repaid. We have helped many individuals start their businesses like school canteens, bike repair shops and home stitching services, so that they can support their families financially. We are looking forward to helping more people start their business ventures in a respectable way!

Response to Covid-19

Sunbeams School System not only strictly adhered to Covid SoPs for countering the pandemic but also provided support to those affected.

We have implemented SoPs in all our schools to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Other than that, our welfare program extends to the families who got affected during the pandemic. We are provided rations and financial support to the people affected by Coronavirus within the neighborhoods where our schools are located, in all 7 districts. We will continue fighting in all aspects to support our communities.